March 18, 2018 - Serin 4.0 Walk on Water, Speedup x2, No Grass, Rules of Survival PC Cheat

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  • Walk on Water / Driving on Water [Page Up / Page Down Off]
  • Wallhack Weapon + Line distance [F9]
  • Chams [F1 > F5 on F6 reset]
  • No Grass [Page Up same as Walk on Water]
  • Fast Parachute [F10]
  • Wall Climb [Insert On / Delete Off]
  • Super Jump [Home / End Off]
  • ETC

  • Open cheat  - Run as administrator
  • Open ROS - Run as administrator
  • Enjoy playing!
Turn off Antivirus including Windows Defender - MANDATORY!


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Credit by:
Pekalongan Community

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