15 - 16 June 2018 - Triptofan 4.0 Cheats ROE - Ring of Elysium Wallhacks & ESP THAILAND SERVER (Windows 7 ONLY)

ROE - Ring of Elysium Hack
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  • Wallhack [F1 ON / F1 OFF]
  • Add other colors [F2 ON / F2 OFF]
  • Chams [F1 ON / F1 OFF]
  1. Download the latest cheat.
  2. Make sure that you have disabled or turn off your antivirus before you do this.
  3. Drag the file to desktop and open the cheats, use right click run as administrator.
  4. Waiting Europa_Client.exe (Open Windows Task Manager - Process)
  5. Open Launcher GARENA
  6. Play ROE - Ring of Elysium
  7. INJECT When Europa_Client.exe Appears x2 (Check Screenshot)
  8. Happy cheating!
Turn off Antivirus including Windows Defender - MANDATORY!

 How to download?  Click here.
How to fix Discard Download? Tutorial here.

- Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 work and support all future.
Support ROE - Ring of Elysium Garena Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines All Platform Garena.

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